Access Bars

Access Bars - definition

Access Bars is a practice of alternative therapies and energy healing. It involves gently touching specific points on the head called “bars,” each of which corresponds to different aspects of life such as healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, communication, and money, among others.
With light and lasting touch of these points, the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings, and emotions stored in those areas can be releived. This facilitates a deep sense of relaxation and helps remove energetic blockages that might be hindering personal growth or well-being.
Bars clear up worries, limiting beliefs and anxiety – it works like a defragmentation for the computer that is your mind.
 After a session, racing thoughts are calmed, worries reduced and complete relaxation can be sensed – and seen!
Get your bars run to live and receive with ease, joy and glory.
Access Bars

The origins of Acces Bars

In the 1990’s, Gary Dougles started discovering the 32 points/bars on the head and practicing mainly on his daughters. He had sessions in his garage, not yet having a name for the method. With experience, the first important aspect that emerged was Access, later Consciousness to finally create Access Consciousness. Access Consciousness has since grown and more methodologies added, but Access Bars remains the first, founding step of any journey they offer.
The 32 bars have now been described, concepts further developed and added. The method can be applied with minor adjustments in specific situations (up to the last moments of life).

Access Bars practitioner

What is Access Bars? What is it not?

Access Bars is…

 an energetic practice for wellbeing with light touch.

It is relaxation and rejuvenation.
It is releasing potential to create and find flow.
It is gentle, still touch – not a massage nor intense movement.
It is for wellbeing – not therapy or replacement.

Why Access Bars? What can it do?

Access Bars is ideal for:

  • relaxation and rejuvenation
  • improved sleep and more deep sleep
  • mental clarity, calm and peace
  • releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • stress reduction, depression, anxiety
  • facilitating flow & creativity
Access Bars head 32

An Access Bars session

A session takes around an hour (count on 75 minutes to allow room for preliminary/debriefing) with the typical course:

  1. Intake/Anamnesis: discussion about the goals of the session, complaints and potential medical hindrance as a basis
  2. We move to the massage table, without shoes (but fully clothed). Lying down comfortably on the back, gentle touch is applied to to a combination of points, a couple of minute at a time, before moving on to the next combination.* The session takes place in silence.
  3. Finally, we calmly return to the chairs to discuss any questions and to arrange payment. A follow-up or rhythm of sessions can be set up.

The effects on sleep and clarity are expected to last 1 to 2 weeks – in times of high stress it is thus advisable to repeat every 7-10 days!

*In a first session a “clearing statement” is used at the start to facilitate full benefits of the session.

If you want to just receive or are interested “how can it be even better?”
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